What does "we are homify" stand for?

We want to share our homify culture with you, by sharing our values and every day lives!

Can you please introduce yourself?

My name is Braulio, and I am an account manager at homify for the Brazilian market.

How would you describe the homify culture?

The homify culture is based on constant change and development, and continuous communication among employees, which becomes a strong enabler for exchanging ideas and best practices. Besides that, homify offers a balance between professional and social environment, creating a place where work does not feel like a stiff activity.

What makes you proud to work at homify?

I’m proud to be part of the team. It definitely makes me feel grateful and proud to be part of a team composed of amazing, kind, and intelligent people.

What aspects of your job bring you joy?

The human interaction: talking to my colleagues and the nice interactions I have with clients make the job and my days go smoother.

How have you experienced homify’s values this week?

I have experienced pretty much all of these values within my first hours of work this week. I had two days off this week, and in between this time, some changes were made in one of the processes in my department. Within few hours into the day, my team leader informed me of the new process, in a simplistic way (coming to my desk and showing me the information on his laptop), and I had to embrace the new change, roll up my sleeves, and start working on it. Being in constant contact with clients to assist them, being positive and talking to win come naturally as part of my job.

How does the culture influence your work?

The company culture allows me to constantly exchange fears, opinion, and ideas with colleagues which helps me to deal with challenges, the way I feel towards issues, thus improving my productivity. Besides that, the balance between professional and social environment allows me to go through the day with a less stressed mind and a more positive attitude.

Thank you, Braulio!