Spotlight - Chief Happiness Officers

We take a quick look at the exciting lives of our most valued employees. Our beloved four legged friends!

Please introduce yourself

  • (Ivy) - My name is Ivy and I am a wire haired miniature Dachshund

  • (Bella) - My name is Bella and I am a French Bulldog

  • (Mino) - My name is Mino and I am a mixed breed, but mostly hound

Where are you from?

  • (Ivy) - I’m from Warendorf (North Rhine Westphalia), Germany

  • (Bella) - I’m from Northampton, United Kingdom

  • (Mino) - Ostblock, Bosnia

How old are you?

  • (Ivy) - I’m turning 2 this summer

  • (Bella) - I’m almost 3

  • (Mino) - I just turned 1!!!

What do you do at Homify?

  • (Ivy) - Mostly I spend time socializing around the office and trying to act cute so people feed me treats.

  • (Bella) - I typically roam around the office looking for people to play with me or give me treats.

  • (Mino) - I am pretty shy so I spend most of my time by my Mommy but I do like to say hello to certain colleagues who I get along with.

What do you enjoy most about working at Homify?

  • (Ivy) - Spending time with colleagues, getting attention and naps

  • (Bella) - Running around socializing, eating scraps, getting attention and nap time

  • (Mino) - Playing with Ivy 💓

What is your favorite snack?

  • (Ivy) - Treats, meat scraps, and carrots

  • (Bella) - Meat sticks, anything unhealthy or that smells bad

  • (Mino) - Pretty much everything and also some kinds of fruit

What do you do in your free time?

  • (Ivy) - Cuddle, nap in sunny spots in the office, do tricks for treats, seek attention

  • (Bella) - Playing, walking around and breathing heavily, innocently passing gas, falling asleep in awkward locations

  • (Mino) - I like to hide under tables and be shy. Also, I like to smell stuff and stay by my Mommy.

What are your hobbies?

  • (Ivy) - I like to dig, destroy my toys and eat things I’m not supposed to

  • (Bella) - Grunting loudly while walking

  • (Mino) - HIDE AND SEEK!!! HIDE AND SEEK!!!