Sales Spotlight

Haritsah gives us greater insight about what life as a Premium Executive looks like! Deep diving into what is important working in sales and at the same time what challenges he faces daily.

Haritsah, Premium Executive for the Indonesian market

Can you please introduce yourself?

Hi, I am Haritsah and I’m from Jakarta, Indonesia. I started working at homify in January as a Sales Manager for the Indonesian market. I get in touch with professionals such as architects or interior designers and explain what the features and benefits are to join our platform.

What does a typical day look like for you?

Since I work in the Indonesian time zone, I start work earlier than most of the people here - around 8 am. During the day I find project leads for professionals and then I reach out and ask if they would like to sign up. Once on the phone, I ask more specific questions, such as what they are looking for, awareness, exposure, etc. Afterward, I call existing professional accounts and active users to introduce them to our marketing packages.

I also work directly with the account managers to collaborate - since each professional has different needs. This is also a challenge since homify is an international company, we have to create a unique strategy and align with what homify wants and the needs of the professionals.

What challenges do you face with your job?

I think it is important to stay positive and motivated especially when working in sales. I think you need to focus on the things you can control and look at the big picture.

Also, what is really important, especially when working in a startup, is to be able to adapt in a fast paced environment. Things can change really quickly, whether strategy or targets and you need to be able to adjust quickly.

What aspects of your job bring you joy?

I live in Berlin - but I am originally from Indonesia. So while I am on the other side of the world, I am still able to work in my home country, speak my native language and connect with the culture. This way I also don’t get homesick. At the same time, you can learn a lot from others, as the people at homify are so diverse. I really appreciate the fact that you can connect with your home country and other cultures as well.

How would you describe your team in a few words?

Friendly, focused, helpful and fun.

What are some important characteristics that one needs in this position?

It is important to be open-minded and creative. We come from everywhere and are very diverse so it’s important to embrace and recognize this. Also, it is important that we have a balance between work and life. I really get along with all of the people here.

What advice would you give someone who is interested in sales at homify?

It is not essential to have a sales background, as long as you are motivated and know what homify is all about. It is however very important to know your market - the country and culture. The team leads and teammates are great, as they support you throughout!

Why would you recommend homify to someone looking for a job?

There are a lot of reasons that I would recommend homify, but the main reasons are the people and culture. Berlin is a big “melting pot” in terms of having people from all over the world and homify also fits into that category. I have made many friends from working at homify and I’ve also learned a lot from people from other countries.

Obviously, other things I like are the work and life balance at homify. I really enjoy playing football with our team, movie night and especially TGIF’s. To me, it is important to keep busy both inside and outside of work. Also, I like the flexibility that homify offers. It is like you can work on your own terms as long as you meet your goals. There are guidelines in place but it is up to you how to achieve them.

What makes you proud to work at homify?

I am quite amazed by this company because while we are situated in Germany, we have high traffic compared to the other competitors in the market - so for us, it is easy to explain what homify is, many people know it and respect it.

We have a dynamic team here - young but really focused on our goals.

Thank you for sharing, Haritsah!