Kiyo and The Canteen

Updated: Oct 25, 2018

Since we moved into our new office in January 2017, Kiyo, our Content Manager Japan, went to the canteen every day and posted his lunch on his Instagram channel @whatieatinthecanteen. Not only did he go to canteen everyday, he also always chose the same vegetable as a side dish everyday. Kiyo told us a little about his motivation for this project.

What is the canteen project exactly? 

I go to the canteen every day and enjoy the German food! I upload photos of what I eat on the day, along with the name of the dish and the price.

Why did you start it and how did you come up with the idea?

I go to canteen everyday and I am surprised by the lunch in Germany. Every Wednesday the canteen offers curry wurst and almost everyday I see something with potato. That's why I eat potato everyday and started using the hashtag  "everydaypotato" instead of  "everydayphoto". I just want to share food culture in Germany.

What kept you motivated during all this time?

Many colleagues knew about me through this canteen project. It works as my business card. In the end, I continued for over 300 days.

What did you like most about it?

I made T-shirts and bags from this project. I was able to expand from the digital world to the real world.

Why did it end?

The canteen changed their plates and the new plates look very different to the old ones. I wanted to keep the same style in all pictures, therefore I finished the whole project. But I will start a new project soon with a similar concept.

What are the plans for the new project?

I just started a new project - I am taking a picture on my way to the office everyday. On the first day, I took a picture. On the next day, I take one step further and take a picture. That way, this Instagram channel will show how the landscape and seasons change on my way to work. You can find it under @go_to_office_.

Thank you, Kiyo!