Different day different story -By Geonyoung Lee

How did your journey start at homify?

Actually, my journey with homify started two years before I joined the actual company. Due to that, I know the perspective of the content team from both sides now, the freelance writer and the content manager.

What is your position at homify and what are you in charge of?

I am a content marketing manager for the Korean market. I am responsible to increase the audience for our clients by publishing interesting content in various channels such as Facebook or homify website.

How would you describe your past year at homify?

I have joined homify just six months ago but it feels like a year ago because so many different things happened. I got to know people from all over the world. I had to overcome so many challenges to reach the audience. It’s a lot of so time flies by.

What were your biggest highlights/achievements in the past year?

My editorial team received a big award for homify Korea such as the best Interior Design blog on 'Naver' which is the Korean Google.

What aspects of your job bring you joy?

The market environment is changing almost on a monthly basis. It’s not only the audience that changes their preferences but also the channels and platforms that change regularly regarding algorithms and rules. Besides you have to be really up-to-date with market trends as well as trends in the field of architecture and interior design. This means there is a need for constant adoption to new situations. So, in order to succeed in the field of content marketing, you have to be very creative. This is a huge challenge but a great joy at the same time.

What were 5 things that you have learned in the past six months?

  • Teamwork: Being successful in content marketing is not a one person job. It's a team effort. Without a good team, you can't succeed.

  • Communication: Sometimes when you have difficulties in your content strategy, simply talking to your colleagues can give you great input, ideas and then you succeed.

  • Getting out of your comfort zone: It’s important and also greatly motivating if you have a CEO that really loves the company and aims for success. It makes you want to push further and leave your comfort zone.

  • Multi-Culture: By talking to my colleagues from all over the world, I learned a lot about different cultures, the point of views and also a lot about food :)

  • Open-minded and positive attitude: In our company, so many thoughts and ideas are constantly shared. Sometimes you agree with your colleague, and sometimes you have different opinions. I’ve learned that people are open-minded and staying positive especially when it comes to difficult situations. I personally think this is very important for communication.

How would you describe homify’s culture?

People help each other. It’s a joy to go to work and meet colleague that are also your friends.

What makes working at homify special?

I feel like every day is different. I barely get bored with my work. Everyone has new stories or ideas to share every day. I am also sharing my own thoughts with them without hesitating. Every morning when I walk to my work, I am very curious what will happen, what I will learn today.