Berlin Tips: Markthalle 9

Updated: Oct 25, 2018

This category will give you some Berlin tips right from the homify team and its favourite places, must-sees and best restaurants in Berlin. This time, Yadira - our Content Manager for Mexico - will introduce you to Markthalle 9 in Kreuzberg.

Yadira, what is your best tips for Berlin?

One of my favorite places in Berlin, especially when it is raining is Markthalle 9. It is an indoor market located in the middle of Kreuzberg where you can enjoy fresh food, good wine and artisan beer, all inside of a beautiful historical building!

At Markthalle 9 you can find local and regional products, such as organic sausages, handmade bread and pasta, honey, preserves, cheese, organic fruit and vegetables. Also, you can find authentic international products, delicacies and specialties, for example: pasteis de nata, sfogliatella, olive oil from Greece or sausages from France - all in one place and very delicious!

What I would recommend you to do exactly when you visit Markthalle 9?

  1. First of all, go there by foot or bike. When you arrive, you will be thirsty, ask for a Pale Ale beer by "Heidenpeters Craft Beer" and relax!

  2. Afterwards, order tapas at "Tapas La Cazuela" or a beef brisket sandwich at "Big Stuff Smoked BBQ".

  3. Then walk around the market and buy a piece of handmade seasonal cake by "Frau Zeller" or a Sfagliatella from "Salumeria del Sud". While you walk around, admire the architecture and structure of the amazing building.

  4. Before you leave Markthalle 9, I would recommend to buy some ingredients to prepare a nice dinner at home: 

  • Sausages from "The Sausage Man Never Sleps" or from "Kumpel und Keule"

  • Fresh basil, coriander and other herbs from "Britzer Kräuter"

  • Artisan bread from "Sironi" 

  • Pasteis de Nata from "Bekarei"

  • Cheese from "Alte Milch"

  • Fruit and vegetables from "Von Beet & Baum"

  • A bottle of wine from "Schöner Trinken"

  • To decorate your home: buy some organic flowers from "Der Blumenstand"

When to go?

Thursdays: There is an International Street Food Market. Next to the usual vendors you will also find food stalls from all over the world. From Mexican tacos to sushi from Japan - everyone will find something!

Saturdays: You can enjoy a huge and delicious breakfast at the "Kantine".

Enjoy your visit in Markhalle 9!

Thank you, Yadira!