Berlin Favourites - 8 Things To Do When Your Parents Visit Berlin

Your parents are visiting, but they are a bit less into partying and Späties than you are? No worries, I've got you covered with these 8 ideas...

1. Potsdam If you don't mind traveling a bit out of the city, then Potsdam and Pfaueninsel are great places to visit together with your parents. Potsdam, a small city, west to Berlin, has impressive palaces, beautiful gardens and museums. It also has a cute city center, with nice cafes and restaurants, and a Dutch Quarter, with typical Dutch architecture! 2. Pfaueninsel Pfaueninsel (Peacock Island) is, like the name gives away, an island with peacocks, that you reach from the west of Berlin with a ferry ride of 3 minutes. Make a long walk, spot some colorful peacocks, pass by historical buildings and have a drink in the picturesque beer garden. 3. Museumsinsel Visit one of the historical museums of Museumsinsel, where you learn about ancient Egypt and other cultural highlights. 4. Boat ride on the Spree River If you want to experience Berlin from the water, a boat ride on the Spree is perfect, a guide tells you all about the city, while you sit back and relax. 5. Take bus 100 For more freedom (and less money) you can also take Bus 100 from Alexander Platz, make sure you sit in the top level of the bus to have the best view on the city. The bus stops at many city highlights, on the west side of the city. 6. C/O Berlin (photography museum) C/O Berlin always has cool photo exhibitions, make your parents relive their younger days, with photos from the 70's. ;) 7. Christmas Markets This time of year is perfect to invite your parents and introduce them to the typical Christmas markets, they take place all over Berlin. 8. Brunch & Flea Markets Finally, Sunday is the perfect day to take your parents for a nice and boozy Brunch and to stroll over one of the many flea markets.

Thank you for sharing, Mandy!