5 Questions for Ece!

Updated: Oct 25, 2018

In this category, we ask one of our beloved employees five questions to choose from our collections of questions and answer them for us. For our very first edition of "5 questions for..." we spoke to Ece, Team Lead in the Premium Sales team.

Ece, what did you think after your job interview at homify?

I met some team members right before my interview. Their welcoming attitude and good energy gave me a positive first impression. It also motivated me further to be a part of this happy team.

My interview went very well and I could see myself working together with every each person I met that day. It was also clear to me that I was about to take a challenging and exciting position which would help me to grow not only professionally but also personally. I was so happy to receive the offer on the same day and will always be glad to be given this great chance!

What gets you most excited in a normal working day?

In sales department, we are non-stop pushing for getting more deals and every deal is an excitement for us. There is nothing more exciting and rewarding than seeing that your hard work pays off. Also, when one of the departments or a team member introduces an innovative idea or a new feature, it generates enthusiasm and motivation in the team.

How does a typical working day for you look like?

When I arrive to the office in the morning, I first turn my computer on and go to our open kitchen area to get myself a coffee. I always have a quick chat with the others from different departments in the kitchen.

It is very busy time until lunch break: you see everybody trying to reach their daily target, sales floor is busy calling to close deals, we have trainings, presentations and meetings. Our lunch breaks are really nice and fun. We all sit together, eat and talk. Lunch break is also ping pong time at homify! We have a very comfy Fifa room, where team members are either playing games or just relaxing on the sofas. Our office is close to a lake and we sometimes go there to chill during lunch break as well.

After lunch, we are back to work full power. When the work is over, you can grab a cold beer and have a chat with your colleagues to release the stress of the day.

What makes the homify team special?

Diversity at its best! We have a very diverse team not only in terms of cultural background but also with different skill-sets and knowledge. Our team at homify has a constant flow and open communication with each other regardless of the department. This socialization absolutely fosters our collective learning process. Also, having such a diverse team enables a nondiscriminatory company culture where everybody feels comfortable to express themselves knowing that they will be welcomed and respected. Moreover, we never miss an opportunity to have fun altogether!

Who is the greatest colleague at homify and why?

It is a tough question because it is really hard to choose one. But I would say Srdjan and Fernando.

From the first day I met Srdjan, our beloved Sales Operations Analyst, he was always approachable, friendly and ready to help! He is a hardworking employee and a fun colleague. His work is really helping everyone in the company and we can all rely on him. And no matter what a difficult or stressful task he has, he always has a positive vibe!

The same goes for Fernando. We started to work as Sales Managers on the same day and got promoted to Sales Team Lead position together. I learned a lot from him, and I still do. It is inspiring how Fernando always learns new skills to develop himself and he takes extra responsibilities. He is very organized, self-disciplined, professional and solution oriented. On top of all that, he is an amazing friend and he makes homify a happier place!

Thank you, Ece!